Doctor Who Ice Cube Tray

by edwin - on July 24th, 2013

There is nothing quite like having some popcorn and ice cold Coke whenever you watch a movie or your favorite TV series. Of course, ice comes in all shapes and sizes, but for most of us, the average ice cube will do. Not so if you happen to be a dedicated Doctor Who fan, as I am quite sure that you would not mind forking out $12.99 for the Doctor Who Ice Cube Tray. Making ice cubes with this would yield both TARDIS and Daleks for you to play around with, so much so that you might even get distracted by the current Doctor Who episode that is playing in the background. Each Doctor Who Ice Cube Tray will feature three TARDIS molds and three Dalek molds, and it does more than just ice – use it for candies, tiny cakes, and Jell-O, your imagination’s the limit!

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