Darth Vader Kitchen Apron

by edwin - on July 3rd, 2013

Everyone needs a hobby, even if you so happen to be the Emperor’s right hand man, the dreaded Dark Lord of the Sith – aka Darth Vader, a Jedi who turned rogue simply because he felt that he was way too powerful to be treated in a nonchalant manner on the Jedi Council. Well, Darth Vader might have a mean streak in him, but he too, has some skills behind an apron. In order not to grease up his suit that has a built-in life support system whenever Vader hits the grill, here is the $19.99 Darth Vader Kitchen Apron that ensures everything remains clean and dandy even after grilling enough steaks to feed an entire Stormtrooper platoon. It is 100% cotton and machine washable, although you would probably have droids to do the washing for you.

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