Bullsh#t Candy Dispenser

by edwin - on July 22nd, 2013

It is pretty tough to be real and all that these days, especially when you consider that many people have the viewpoint that everything is relative, and there is no such thing as absolute truth. Well, in order to know what someone is trying to say to you, it does require a fair amount of savvy as well as street smarts as you learn the ropes of socialization. The thing is, sometimes the amount of lies that you hear are just too blatant, that it makes perfect sense to carry this $11.99 Bullsh#t Candy Dispenser with you. Each time you detect a lie, all you need to do is press down on the angry Bull’s tail, and obviously he will let out some candy goodness in the chocolate color, and the taste of these jelly beans are random, just like the ones in Harry Potter.

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