British Beer Bottle Holder

by edwin - on July 21st, 2013

Now here is a beer bottle holder that will definitely induce more than just a laugh – in fact, it will most probably send some nudging of elbows and coy looks between one another to keep company the howls of laughter that follow after that. I am referring to the £3.95 British Beer Bottle Holder, which would definitely make you the envy of your mates this BBQ season. It work best in hot weather to keep your ice cold beer company, and not only do you allow the beer to remain cold for as long as possible without imparting any body heat from it, it will also ensure your fingers do not slip and cause the beer bottle to fall right onto the ground – any of the golden nectar of the gods that does not go down your throat is definitely a waste! I guess you can classify this as a great novelty gift for any beer drinker.

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