ZD-101 Apocalypse Machete

by edwin - on June 10th, 2013

You can never quite tell just when the end of the world is about to happen – no one knows, and all predictions in the past have proven to be wrong. It could all come to an end with a meteorite hurtling down and smashing the earth, knocking up a dust cloud so vast, that sunlight is blocked out for centuries at a stretch, and in the process, snuffing out all life. How about those who are more “adventurous” and wish for a zombie apocalypse like the one found in The Walking Dead? Well, should the world seem to come to an end, it would be extremely wise to stock up not only on the bare necessities, but also on weapons as well. Everyone needs a knife of sorts, and you can settle for this $19.99 ZD-101 Apocalypse Machete that comes with a sheath alongside a shoulder strap.

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