Whizdom Personal Urinary Device

by edwin - on June 7th, 2013

Anyone who has kept their urine in the bladder for the longest time would know the sense of urgency that accompanies the situation. Each stop of the elevator is excruciatingly longer than normal, and the relief that you feel when you manage to unzip your pants and let it all loose is joy unspeakable. Well, the $4.95 Whizdom Personal Urinary Device might be something you want to check out if your bladder isn’t all that it is meant to be. Touted to be a P.U.D. (Personal Urinary Device) for men, it enables you to pee in style without running into any risk of being arrested for indecent exposure. Surely this is one of the prank gifts that would have the entire party laughing upon its unboxing!

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