Toxic Waste Laundry Basket

by edwin - on June 28th, 2013

Teenagers definitely need their own space as well as have their own minds, and most of the time, if you ask them to do something, they tend to do the opposite just out of spite, or because there is some sort of James Dean gene in them that allows them to rebel without a cause. Of course, you love them all the same, but if there is one pet peeve that most parents have when it comes to teens in the home, it would be the way where they can wear the same clothes for an entire week without figuring out just how offensive their clothes smell to those around them. Hence, you can always drop an extremely subtle hint in the form of the $15.99 Toxic Waste Laundry Basket. You can now let your teen declare a Toxic Waste Loading zone in your home with this cute looking laundry basket. Let us hope no gremlins start to pop out of it!

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