Push Pin Magnets

by edwin - on June 23rd, 2013

Do push pins and magnets go hand in hand? I suppose so, if you happen to chance across the $14.99 Push Pin Magnets. This is a tricky, albeit funny gadget of sorts, where the Push Pin Magnets certainly live up to their namesake as a push pin, but this time around, the pin will retract as you stick it to metal surfaces. We are talking about heavy duty magnets here which are capable of holding up a whole lot of stuff. I suppose with the Push Pin Magnets, you are able to retire the pockmarked-ridden clipboard at the office from now on, as you pretend to pin stuff to your walls, fridge, filing cabinets, and any other kind of metal surfaces. Best of all is, it ain’t gonna prick anyone if someone happens to step on one of these.

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