Oink Oink Ice Cream Scoop

by edwin - on June 17th, 2013

Where ice cream is concerned, pigging out is the way to go – whether you are celebrating a happy occasion, or if you so happen to be on the down and out, and wish that life could be a whole lot better. Regardless, it is highly recommended that you use a decent ice cream scoop to dig out sizeable chunks of your favorite ice cream while you pile on the calories. What better way to reflect such a situation than with the heavy-duty $11.99 Oink Oink Ice Cream Scoop? Polishing an entire gallon of the ice cream is definitely something you might want to consider, since it would be all too easy for that to happen with the Oink Oink Ice Cream Scoop. It does not matter if you are having frozen yogurt, custard, sorbet or even mashed potatoes, this is one scoop that lives up to its name and just about eats up everything in its path. Scoops up, rather.

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