Ninja Star Coat Hook

by edwin - on June 21st, 2013

Ninjas – they come and they go as they please, often disappearing in a puff of smoke. Most ninjas that we know of in a fictional environment tend to be of the evil variety, although there are some good ninjas out there, including those who used to be turtles and touched some sort of goo before mutating into pizza-loving reptiles with a mutated rat as their master. Should you love all things Oriental and want to spruce up your place in a way that would impress other people, perhaps checking out this $12.99 Ninja Star Coat Hook would be a good idea. Folks might misunderstand that you could very well live a double life as a ninja vigilante at night, but this is no weapon, but rather, it is made out of strong, nickel-plated zinc alloy construction with a screw that allows you to attach it to the wall easily.

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