Moustache Glasses

by edwin - on June 22nd, 2013

Here is one scene that will definitely raise some eyebrows, as you wear a pair of these $5.99 Moustache Glasses, which are sure to invoke some laughs, too, or perhaps keeping the regular office charmer on his or her toes. Regardless of what your physical outlook is like, with this pair of Moustache Glasses, you will be able to engage in conversations easily. It will come with a sweet mustache that hangs down from the thick rimmed glasses, and in addition to that, you will also be able to pace a pair of additional amusing eyebrows, too. Made out of plastic, the Moustache Glasses measures 6” wide and 4.25” in height. This will definitely be able to help you expose that hilarious side of you, despite being the resident office “lion”, so to speak, during normal working hours.

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