Death Star Ice Mould

by edwin - on June 13th, 2013

The Death Star is an imperious looking piece of engineering, definitely one which will inflict fear into the hearts of many. After all, how many items do you know out there are capable of annihilating an entire planet with a single blast? It is rather strange, then, to have a weird engineering loophole where a solitary photon torpedo is able to slip through its exhaust shaft and blow up the Death Star to bits, something that has not really been rectified completely in subsequent models. Well, you can now put all those explosive thoughts on ice with the £9.99 Death Star Ice Mould, where it would be able to deliver a heavily-detailed, fully-frozen battle stations after some patience. A single mould makes one Death Star, so you might want to get a bunch of these if you are about to throw a party.

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