Tattoo Oven Mitt

by edwin - on May 30th, 2013

If you think that you are one of the meanest cooks out there, then you might be interested to show off your cooking prowess with each family gathering. The thing is, your outlook might be a docile one, where folks think that you are a harmless lamb, but you want to get the message across to the masses that you are even badder than Gordon Ramsay himself, then it is time to break open that piggy bank of yours and find $15.99 in loose change to pick up the Tattoo Oven Mitt. Yes sir, it not only looks awesome, it adds that extra bit of street cred to your overall portfolio. The Tattoo Oven Mitt is a thin and lightweight pot holder which keeps your hands cool while ensuring no one would want to make fun of you – ever again.

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