Sunnyside Egg Mould

by edwin - on May 31st, 2013

The job of a mom is not only to care for the family, but also to offer a softer and more tender side to dad’s masculinity for that perfect balance. Well, mom’s cooking is also a memory that most of us out there cherish, where nothing really tastes as good as what good ol’ mom is able to whip up in the kitchen even with the most meager of ingredients. Well, if you are a huge lover of eggs, and would want to have your eggs served in a far more creative shape that other’s (such as the usual round), how about ensuring your mornings are brighter with the £7.95 Sunnyside Egg Mould? The image alone should be able to tell you just where we are going with this – although you would need to know how to drop the yolk into the circle within the Sunnyside Egg Mould so that it remains separate from the egg white.

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