Rubber Squeeze Flower Sprinkler

by edwin - on May 3rd, 2013

If you happen to have dainty hands and love to indulge in gardening, then might I suggest you take a look at the 10.50 Euro Rubber Squeeze Flower Sprinkler? The name of this particular sprinkler speaks for itself, where it comes in the form of a rubber squeezer at the base that can hold approximately 250ml of water, and providing it with the relevant amount of pressure to the rubber ball would sprinkle water through its steel head to water your thirsty plants. Yes sir, there are less nice looking ways to sprinkle your plants with water, but if you want to go along with your stylish look at home, you might as well fork out a wee bit more dough than usual, don’t you think so?

One thought on “Rubber Squeeze Flower Sprinkler”

  1. Janet Gernand says:

    Where can I purchase one of these in the United States? Thank you.

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