Over the Hill Nosey Glasses Holder

by edwin - on May 23rd, 2013

This is definitely a hoot to purchase for dad this coming Father’s Day, and you can even use this as a gift to grandpa who would most probably be wearing a pair of glasses over the bridge of his nose. Basically, the Over the Hill Nosey Glasses Holder does pretty much what it says, where it ensures you know where your glasses are placed all the time, with a “one nose fits all” glasses holder that is constructed from sturdy plastic, where it looks like the classic big nosed face disguise. It is guaranteed to stamp out the “Senior Moment Glasses Hunt,” as the Over the Hill Nosey Glasses Holder doubles up as a fantastic gag gift for the elderly friend or family member. Not too sure whether the recipient would appreciate something that points the obvious in one’s age, though.

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