Mousa Lisa Cat Toy

by edwin - on May 20th, 2013

Forget about Mona Lisa and her enigmatic smile! Here is the $5.99 Mousa Lisa Cat Toy that might be able to help you get some laughs into the mix, where you can bring the spirit of the Louvre right smack into the comfort of your home, while keeping your kitten entertained with the classic Mousa Lisa Cat Toy. Sporting an ambiguous smile as well as the atmospheric illusionism which is guaranteed to capture your kitty’s eye, this organic catnip filled mouse will be the next best thing since, er, catching an actual mouse. There is also an ingenious tube that helps prevent the toy from being lost forever in places such as under the couch, which tends to be the place where all the other small cat toys end up eventually. The Mousa Lisa Cat Toy is made out of recyclable plastic, faux fur and elastic, and ought to provide a lifetime of entertainment to your feline friend.

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