Honest Acronyms File Folders

by edwin - on May 31st, 2013

Some of us live with a devil may care attitude, while others have an extremely orderly nature. The thing is, orderly folk actually enjoy this particular activity known as “filing”, and assuming you know one of these people (or are living under the same roof with them, where your tardiness and sloppy antics tend to infuriate them), then it is time to extend an olive branch with a dose of humor thrown into the mix, that is, by giving them the $9.99 Honest Acronyms File Folders. They will come in FYI (Frequently Yawning Inside), BTW (Beginning To Worry), OMG (Officially Mindless Garbage), WTF (What’s This For?), ASAP (As Slowly As Possible) and TMI (Too Many Idiots) varieties for that added hoot.

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