High Heel Bottle Opener

by edwin - on May 29th, 2013

I am not quite sure about you, but as a guy, I do have questions as to why a girl would need to put on a pair of high heels each time she goes out for a fancy dinner or a ball. Those things look nice on a lady, as it makes her taller and I suppose to a certain extent, influences her posture somewhat so that she stands up straighter than normal. The thing is, some high heels require them lovely ladies a ladder to climb into, which is far from convenient of course. The $11.49 High Heel Bottle Opener would mean you need not be a lady to own your very own pair of high heels, but rather, it is the ideal tool for those crazy nights out, no? Made out of stainless steel, the High Heel Bottle Opener is easy to pack.

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