Chit Chat Drink Markers

by edwin - on May 6th, 2013

So, you are a pretty quiet person, and having some drinks to break the ice is not an effective tool to use as well. Perhaps you might have something else from the outside to help you kick off a conversation? The $9.99 Chit Chat Drink Markers makes plenty of sense, as it will not only be a great conversation starter, but it will also let you avoid drink mix ups at your next bash, even more so when you already have had too much to drink. The next time you are going to throw a bash, get the Chit Chat Drink Markers so that your guests will be able complete the message on the talk bubble, stick it on their glass and continue having fun throughout the night. These static cling stickers will play nice with glass, ceramic, or smooth plastic; and can be removed instantly for future use. Each purchase comprises of 48 ChitChats and a marker pen.

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