Birdie Back Scratcher

by edwin - on May 23rd, 2013

You scratch my back, and I will scratch yours. While this expression could innocently take on the literal meaning, there is also the more devious bit of it where it would mean spiraling downwards to a world of shady corruption deals. Having said that, there are times when your back is literally itchy, and you need to attend to that itch or you cannot do anything else as it is driving you nuts. The $7.99 Birdie Back Scratcher would help you get the job done, where it is more than capable of attending to the most annoying itches in the hardest to reach places! Doing so is as easy as extending the bird’s foot, and once you are done, just place it back in your purse or pocket. When condensed, it measures a mere 5.75 inches long, but it is fully extendable up to 19 inches.

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