Talking Bellies Temporary Tattoos

by edwin - on April 24th, 2013

Actual tattoos are permanent, at least to a certain extent. The thing is, sometimes, we would just wish we could get a temporary tattoo, but those definitely do not look like the real thing right from the get go. However, you might want to have some fun with the $5.99 Talking Bellies Temporary Tattoos. Yes sir, the next time you are about to go out to the beach and show off to the world all the hard work that you have put in to ensure that your body is bronzed and well built in all the right places, why not do your bit to bring smiles to folks around you with the Talking Bellies Temporary Tattoos? After all, your stomach does “talk” during the most inappropriate times, so you might as well temporarily immortalize it with this unique set of half a dozen eyes, 6 noses, 6 moustaches and 6 eye brows.

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