Shredder Guitar Cheese Grater

by edwin - on April 5th, 2013

Do you love rocking out to your air guitar, thinking that you have the skills of the like of Santana, or Snake? Well, assuming you happen to lack the kind of agility in your fingers to do all that the great guitar maestros can achieve, do not fret (pun not intended). After all, you might find that you have other kinds of skills that are also important in life, like cooking, and certain dishes require you to grate stuff, which is where you are able to merge your air guitar shredding skills with some culinary moves, using the $9.99 Shredder Guitar Cheese Grater to bring both worlds together. The Shredder Guitar Cheese Grater is ideal for shredding cheeses and veggies, thanks to its plastic and stainless steel design that boasts of a cool guitar shape.

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