Polar Bear Ice Tray

by edwin - on April 19th, 2013

If you are an ice cool person, then you would definitely want to ensure that the rest of your stuff in the kitchen are also “cool” in nature. How much more cooler do you think you could possibly be, especially when you fork out £12.99 for the Polar Bear Ice Tray? The Polar Bear Ice Tray will come totally sealed, which means it is unable to absorb scents or flavors from your freezer – which is a good thing, of course. It boasts of a multi-legged design that will be able to create 10 blocks at a time, and that translates to no more spillages or broken blocks, now how about that? There also will be no more struggles since you no longer need to squeeze out ice cubes, just bash him on the bench and you’re good to go.

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