Ninja Sword Sound Effects Pen

by edwin - on April 4th, 2013

You might want to get to work with gusto, ditching the keyboard and computer but rather, write down the entire report with your hand, never mind that the last person who did that in the office retired 20 years ago. I know how it feels like writing something down in length, as most of us happen to do a whole lot more typing than writing these days. Well, with the $5.99 Ninja Sword Sound Effects Pen, you are more or less sure of being able to do more writing, especially since this faux katana will come with a cool “SHHINNG” sound effect to accompany the shape that it arrives in, now how about that? Powered by a trio of LR41 batteries, the Ninja Sword Sound Effects Pen can be refilled by D1 refills.

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