Cold Hard Cash Ice Cube Tray

by edwin - on April 5th, 2013

Yes sir, there is nothing quite like cold, hard cash to hold in your hands, even more so when banks around you are failing like nobody’s business. Well, why not take things a whole lot more literally with the $8.99 Cold Hard Cash Ice Cube Tray? In this way, you can tell your friends that you have decided to freeze your assets, and while others burn money away on frivolous things, you can your money literally. This is the ideal housewarming gift, and would make for a fun and laughter induced dinner or reception, and it is nice to know that the Cold Hard Cash Ice Cube Tray arrives in green. Made from flexible dishwasher safe silicone, it also doubles up as a mold for candies, soaps or just about anything that requires to be chilled out.

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