Bogey Man

by edwin - on April 6th, 2013

When you were a kid, did you have your very own bogey man that scared you to your very core? Assuming you have answered in the affirmative, and grown up to realize that the bogey man does not exist apart from being part of your overactive imagination or dreams, here is one way of overcoming your childhood fears, with the £4.95 Bogey Man. The thing is, this time around, the Bogey Man is an Egg Separator, and will not be the stuff of nightmares. Touted to be the ultimate kitchen accessory, all you need to do is crack the egg into the Bogey Man’s head, tip him using the handle, and check out slimy, snotty egg whites ooze right out of the Bogey Mans sore, red nose. Gross!

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