Snowball Underwear keeps the family jewels nice and cool

by edwin - on March 14th, 2013

One of the reasons cited for lower rates of fertility among men would be the stifling underwear that they use to carry their family jewels, so here is a rather funny attempt at ensuring things remain nice and cool down there – with the Snowball Underwear, where it sports a removable gel-pack known as the SnowWedge which will rest Prince Harry and the twins, helping boost your chances of signing up for the daddy team. It has been described this way, “They should increase both sperm quality and quantity, and they should give you a better chance to conceive at minimal cost, but fertility science is complex, and you’ll also want to consult with a urologist (for varicoceles), as well as your fertility specialist. Snowballs may end up being just a supplemental treatment for you.”


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