Rainbow In My Room Machine

by edwin - on March 22nd, 2013

There is just something promising about rainbows, as it was God who used the rainbow as a sign that He will never attempt to drown the earth in water again, but then again the world will most probably end up in a fiery apocalypse sometime down the road. Rainbows, being a natural occurrence, can also be recreated if you want to get scientific about it, and if your little one loves all things rainbows, then the $35.99 Rainbow In My Room Machine does seem to do the trick. It will project a rainbow in the room, where you can choose from two different modes: steady light or a gradual reveal of all colors. Up next, unicorns and leprechauns will leap out of nowhere suddenly whenever the Rainbow In My Room Machine works.

One thought on “Rainbow In My Room Machine”

  1. Alikitty619 says:

    I have one of these in my room. (I’m 42) I love it. When my god children come over, they love to have a rainbow night light. It stays on for about 10minutes and gives just enough light to get everyone tucked in and happy, then fades off. The batteries last about 3 months w/ nightly use. It is a fun little night light. Now the “BUT”. You can get it on amazon.com for 12.99 or so. I highly recommend it.

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