i-Wipers are windshield wiper eyeglasses

by edwin - on March 18th, 2013

If you are ever in need of a wacky and crazy costume accessory, then you would not go wrong with the i-Wipers, where they have been described to be windshield wiper eyeglasses. Sure, there is nothing quite like a pair of polarized sunnies whenever the sun comes out in full strength, but what about those days when the heavens open up and it starts to pour cats and dogs? The $9.95 i-Wipers would definitely come in handy, where they feature integrated motorized windshield wipers, now how about that? You are sure to be the talk of the town, although some other folks would most probably brand you as a nut, even more so if you spend plenty of time in your basement tinkering around with failed inventions.

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