Home Cooking Lid

by edwin - on March 25th, 2013

Ahhh, the sweet, sweet smell of home cooked food surely beats all the degustation menus out there, no matter how pricey or exclusive it is! After all, better a meal of vegetables with love, than having to eat slabs of juicy meat when there is strife under the same roof! Mother’s Day is coming up, so you might want to start thinking (for those who love to be prepared) of a present for her. What better way to show off your love than with the $11.49 Home Cooking Lid? This unique lid can be placed on your pot or bowl, where you can then watch the steam released from the chimney of the cute little house. Made out of flexible, heat safe, dishwasher safe, food safe and microwave safe silicone, the Home Cooking Lid measures 8” in diameter.

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