Fortune Telling Bacon

by edwin - on March 19th, 2013

Do you want to be a fortune teller? Well, some of us might figure out that that could very well be another avenue of making a quick buck, assuming you have the kind of astute observational powers that the legendary Sherlock Holmes has, or you can always drop $9.99 for a set of Fortune Telling Bacon strips. Yes sir, that amount of dough would leave you with 50 strips of bacon in the package, where all you need to do is place a strip in your palm to get your reading. Thinkgeek has a primer of sorts, where if the bacon moves left, it means “Chewy Goodness”, and if it moves right, it would be “Crispy” and so on and so forth. You come up with your own “cheat sheet” and you are good to go! Bear in mind that this is no food item, and all 50 strips are not edible. At all.

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