Piggy on Potty Soap Dispenser

by edwin - on February 27th, 2013

So we have seen our fair share of soap dispensers in the past, but this particular one might just take the cake – the $12.95 Piggy on Potty Soap Dispenser. Sure, most folks have the mental image that pigs are not exactly the cleanest animals around on earth, often described as filthy, but this one here is certainly a stickler for cleanliness. In fact, the Piggy on Potty Soap Dispenser will put to bed the “pigs are dirty” stereotype, where he perches on a porcelain throne, and whenever you push its head, some soap will squirt out of his nostril. Made from quality ceramic, the Piggy on Potty Soap Dispenser might just be the thing to have in your bathroom so that folks will be encouraged to wash their hands more once they are done with their business back home.

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