Heart Mug for Valentine’s Day

by edwin - on February 8th, 2013

The over-rated (IMHO, anyways) Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us, and here we are with the £9.99 Heart Mug that will come in a choice of either pink or grey colors. I tell you what, you will most probably be unable to get away with just buying one, as your other half will most probably wonder how come you aren’t “in sync” with him/her and ask you to buy another for yourself, to show the world that you are truly taken by someone and has eyes only for him/her. The Heart Mug comes with a curvaceous handle and printed shadow design to complete an elegant heart shape, but since it is made out of bone china, it is as delicate as real love, so do be careful with it. Definitely not the drinking apparatus of choice for those of us who are more boorish in our ways.

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