Bendable Jesus Toy

by edwin - on February 1st, 2013

How many of us can claim that we are able to bend a deity according to our will? Of course, other than your own personal experience, I am quite sure that you will be able to find a kindred spirit with Kratos from the God of War game series fame. Well, here is a ‘deity’ that you might want to consider – the $8.99 Bendable Jesus Toy. This is one unique toy which offers a decent amount of fun regardless of age, as he loves to cling to things, be it in your car, at your desk, in your room and across a plethora of other places. Adorned his now signature red and white robe, he will get around in his signature (dusty) sandals and curly hair. If only dunking the Bendable Jesus Toy into water would turn it into wine…

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