Tiger Paw Slippers

by edwin - on January 5th, 2013

If you are feeling a little bit naughty behind closed doors, perhaps it is time to take out that kinky outfit and er, put on this pair of $21.98 Tiger Paw Slippers? Yes sir (or ma’am, depending on which way you swing), this is an interesting pair of slippers to wear around the bedroom, and it will also fit into any home nicely. Of course, if you are an all round gruffy person, then wearing the Tiger Paw Slippers would further exacerbate that aura around you, so much so that your nephews and nieces would not even want to approach you just in case you bite back and snap at them. Sporting 100% polyurethane foam padding and textured soles, it would also let you stalk others around the home in silence, at least until you step on a creaking floorboard, that is.

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