Prank Toilet Squirter

by edwin - on January 9th, 2013

Ah, just when you need to really go and relieve yourself, there is nothing quite like a nice and clean toilet to do so. Which is why I tend to avoid public restrooms as much as possible, unless there is no way I can hold my churning stomach any more than I am able to. For friends who drop by your place (especially girlfriends who need to sit down when they pee), the $3.99 Prank Toilet Squirter is the perfect prank to pull – this deceptive little bugger will wet whoever seats on the toilet bowl, which will definitely surprise, and of course, horrify whoever is the victim. It is a snap to install, and will come with a suction cup attachment to get you going. Imagine putting black ink in there, or how about some red dye that would fool folks into thinking that it is blood? The possibilities are endless.

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