Potty Shooter keeps the male in your home occupied

by edwin - on January 11th, 2013

Whoever said that men are unable to multi-task? This is where the £7.95 Potty Shooter comes in handy, and as the name suggests, would be useful to keep that neanderthal of yours occupied while he attempts to lay a log or two after the healthy salad that he had the night before. Basically, the Potty Shooter will let you squeeze in some target practice while you are busy trying to take a dump. It comes with 5 darts and a couple of target boards., even boasting a “Do Not Disturb” sign which you can place outside the door so that your target practice sessions can happen in relative peace and quiet. Of course, the ladies would wish that they had a device that helped the men aim into the toilet bowl first while they pee before graduating to something like the Potty Shooter.

One thought on “Potty Shooter keeps the male in your home occupied”

  1. Cecy says:

    I was at Olive Garden and my 3 year old tells me she needs to go potty. I take her into the bathroom and sit her on the big potty and she ddceeis she can do it herself. So I am like ok and stood back. Before I could stop her she scooted back and plopped right into the potty. I start laughing and thinking should I get her or take a picture? I get her out of course and all the way back to the table she kept saying loudly ‘I fell in the potty and got my butt wet, mom!’

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