Pluck – Sunny Side Out

by edwin - on January 16th, 2013

For all intents and purposes, the $13.99 Pluck – Sunny Side Out that you see here is a very practical and useful tool to have around the home. Thing is, it would have made its way to our sister site, Coolest Gadgets, if not for one major flaw – not in its design, but rather, due to its existence. Just what am I rambling on about here, you ask? Well, this silicon device is capable of separating yolks from the white of the egg, and will come apart easily for cleaning purposes later on, but so too, can you do the same with an empty plastic drinking water bottle that we normally throw away once we’re done with it. Check out the YouTube video here for visual proof, and save yourself $13.99 along the way. Sure, it ain’t that “professional” looking, but think about it – you help save the environment, too, by reusing that plastic water bottle.

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