Kebo – The One-Handed Bottle Opener

by edwin - on January 19th, 2013

So you love having a tipple or two before you head home, in particular after a hard day at the office and there is a very strong need to unwind. Well, what do you do then? Other than getting Jim, the friendly neighborhood bartender to keep on opening those bottles for you as you down them one by one, how about doing so yourself? Sure, it not only saves Jim some work during them busy hours, but it also lets you strike up conversations with others since you open your bottles with but a single hand – thanks to the £14.99 Kebo – The One-Handed Bottle Opener, of course. Made out of polished, stainless-steel, Kebo is ideal for amputees and anyone with an appreciation of fine design and fine drinking. All you need to do is slip your thumb/finger into the Kebo loop, grab the bottle and hook over the bottle cap, and squeeze. Do bear in mind that Kebo will not play nice with ‘twist-top’ bottles though.

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