Katana Bookends are as cutting edge as they come

by edwin - on January 18th, 2013

Reading a whole lot of books would help keep your mind sharp – razor sharp, and this would happen only if you read the right kind of books, of course. I mean, Bruce Wayne did not have the kind of knowledge to be Batman if all day long he read Archie and Superman comics. Well, I suppose this is the hidden message behind the design of the Katana Bookends – to show the world just how sharp you are because of all the information you have amassed throughout your years of voracious reading. Coming in the style of a Katana sword, both parts of the Katana Bookends will hem in your favourite titles, and it looks as though you have impaled your entire collection of literature. Expect to pick this up this March for £20.00/$30.00 a pop.

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