Futurama Knit Hats

by edwin - on January 7th, 2013

Do you love all things that have to do with Futurama? Since we are not quite out of the winter season just yet, although we are at the tail end of things, you might want to consider some knit hats to help keep your precious noggin’ nice and warm when the mercury drops drastically all around you, especially when there are strong winds to blow you off your feet. Why not go the whole nine yards in terms of your nerdiness with the $15.99 Futurama Knit Hats? Available in Bender or Nibbler designs, these knit hats cater specially for Futurama TV show fans, where they are made up of cozy plush material complete with ear flaps. Since these are officially licensed apparel, you can feel proud wearing them no matter where you go – or how many laughs you receive.

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