Flying Pig Toy

by edwin - on January 3rd, 2013

You know the saying. “I will do when pigs fly!” Well, the next time your friend or mate says this to you, it would be ideal to whip out the $8.95 Flying Pig Toy and prove a point. That ought to teach the person to use a different figure of speech from now on, that would be “when hell freezes over” since I have scoured through Baronbob’s archives and have yet to figure out a contraption that depicts the netherworld freezing over. Basically, the Flying Pig Toy does not actually take flight. All you need to do is hang him up from the ceiling with a thin, transparent string keeping it in place, and a couple of AA batteries within will help him flap his wings, letting him fly around in a big, wide circle. For hours on end, yo!

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