Eyelash Jewelry looks outrageous

by edwin - on January 12th, 2013

There is a very good reason why we are called Foolish Gadgets over here, simply because there are some “WTF?!” moments in life that we want to share with the world concerning the kind of devices or gizmos that are made available to the masses. One can only think of the conditions where a particular product or device was thought up in, and case in point, the rather garish looking Eyelash Jewelry that you can see in action above. This series of exaggerated eyelash jewelry features natural ringneck pheasant feathers as well as beaded bands, and needless to say, the entire collection is handmade using high quality glass beads and ultra fine beading wire. The false eyelashes are lightweight, flexible and can be reused at a later period, where you wear it using regular eyelash adhesive. Not the best accessory to win the heart of the man you’re interested in for sure.


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