Crusaders Great Helm Trash Bin

by edwin - on January 16th, 2013

They say that history is written by the conquerors instead of the conquered, and the church certainly has a chequered past especially when you take the Crusades and Inquisition into consideration. Well, why not take a look back in time and laugh at it? Thinkgeek has gone one step further though, by intending to profit from it with the $59.99 Crusaders Great Helm Trash Bin. The name of it says it all, this 12th century helm lookalike has been turned into a trash can, and it would be ideal for lighter moments at the office. Made out of cast resin, the Crusaders Great Helm Trash Bin comes finished in faux metal style for that added touch of authenticity, although paying that kind of good money for a trash can is anathema to certain quarters.

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