Calming Sound & Light Effect Flashlight

by edwin - on January 21st, 2013

So you have had a pretty rough day at the office, and just need something to soothe your nerves when the power to your home is suddenly cut off, and you have a phobia of all things dark. The thing is, you have sworn off strong drink for quite some years now, and you do not want to start the journey down that dark and rocky road all over again with but “one drink” – what do you do then? Enter the $4.50 Calming Sound & Light Effect Flashlight, where it will double up as a source of tranquility and entertainment. This multifaceted Flashlight is capable of brightening the dark in five different colors, namely white light, red, green, yellow, and blue. Not only that, you can choose to activate 7 soothing nature sounds including ocean, tropical forest, starry night, spring rain, wind chimes, north woods, and gentle stream. Turn this on and wait for the storm to pass, while the local utilities council work on repairing that broken power cable.

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