Wild Talking Pill Toys

by edwin - on December 7th, 2012

Do pills talk? Well, some of us take them to help us sleep better at night, while others do so in hope for a better performance when doing the horizontal tango. Well, if you are one who knocks back pills easily as though they were Jelly Beans, perhaps it is time to gift yourself one of the few hilarious $6.99 Wild Talking Pill Toys. Coming in Happy Pill, Gas Relief Pill, Little Blue Pill and Chill Pill formats, these are extremely soft, squeezable and talkative. Whenever you want to chill, you can literally take a “Chill Pill”, where he will proceed with instructions in the most calming tone possible, saying, “relax, take a deep breath… and chill.” You get the idea! All of them have something different to say so you might want to consider getting all four of them.

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