The Beast-Giant Fist Koozie

by edwin - on December 3rd, 2012

There is nothing quite like holding an ice cold can of beer in your hand during one of the big games on TV, be it soccer, basketball or football. The thing is, your hand might not appreciate such a cold can in it for too long, especially when you consider how the warmth from your hand is going to heat up said can, and your hand gets all clammy and wet along the way. Well, a koozie would definitely come in handy, but why settle for any other ordinary koozie when you have the option of the $12.99 Beast-Giant Fist Koozie? Yes sir, this unique koozie is a massive fist that makes you start to wonder whether you are part of Wreck It Ralph’s cast. The perfect koozie to keep your beer cold while you look really nasty.

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