Futurama Knit Hats

by edwin - on December 20th, 2012

If there is a fashion accessory that you might want to check out, it would be this – the $15.99 Futurama Knit Hats that certainly has “geek” splayed all over it at first glance. What you see here are knit hats that was specially thought up of for Futurama TV show fans, where it sports cozy plush construction with ear flaps, and you will be able to select from Bender or Nibbler designs to suit your good fashion taste. You can say that these are the perfect kind of knit hats for headwear whenever you watch Futurama, perform deliveries for Planet Express, or just want to let the whole world know just who Bender is to you at your favorite geek convention. Not only that, it keeps your head warm and cozy, too!

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