Fart Alert Construction Sign

by edwin - on December 17th, 2012

Some folks like to let out a fart of their own without informing those in the vicinity, delivering prior warning before that. That would be extremely cheeky, but it is downright rude to release a fart on purpose while you are in a cramped elevator, the silent and deadly kind. Perhaps you can provide a heads up to folks around your cubicle before you let one rip by placing the $11.99 Fart Alert Construction Sign? This gag gift will blurt out one of 8 hilarious phrases (as long as the AA batteries that power it continue to have juice) that include “Fart detected! Maintain safe distance. Repeat, fart detected!”, “Warning. Dangerous gases emitted, keep clear.”, “Accident ahead – damaged underwear.”, and “Fart with possible follow through in the area. Stay away.”

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